The Sun and Earth’s Climate: Virtual Bookshelf

In this collection of books, students will learn how Earth’s rotation and revolution around the Sun give us weather and seasons. These temperature variations, in turn, make the water cycle possible. Titles that aren’t recommended and the reasons why are also included.

Understanding Earth’s Climate: Virtual Bookshelf

This month’s bookshelf has been divided into four subtopics for a holistic look at how variations in air and water temperatures come together to drive weather and climate.

We Depend on Earth’s Climate: Virtual Bookshelf

This article describes children’s literature about animal adaptations, migration, and fossils.

Earth’s Climate Changes: Virtual Bookshelf

In this article, we’ve highlighted nonfiction children’s literature that helps students learn about climate proxies, those preserved physical characteristics, such as fossils, that scientists use to reconstruct past climates. We’ve also highlighted a few books that provide information about two past climatic events – the last ice age and the Dust Bowl.

We Study Earth’s Climate: Virtual Bookshelf

This article features children’s literature about the tools we use to observe and predict weather.

We Change Earth’s Climate: Virtual Bookshelf

This article features nonfiction children’s literature about environmental issues and the greenhouse effect.

Getting Warmer: Virtual Bookshelf

This article highlights high-quality children’s literature about water availability and extreme weather events.