Questions, Questions: Taking Energy Inquiry Further in the School Library

Did you know that your school librarian can also help your students learn science topics such as climate? Your school librarian has much more than book checkout and story time to offer you and your students!

Buckets of Fun with Argument Driven Inquiry in Your School Library!

This article describes the instructional model, Argument-Driven Inquiry, and explains how classroom teachers and school librarians can collaborate to put this model into practice.

Lapbooks: Getting Creative with Science in the School Library

This article describes lapbooking, a creative application of science notebooking. Examples and resources are provided.

A Science Fair Makeover in Your School Library!

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Investigate a Path to High-Quality Information in Your School Library!

This article discusses web site evaluation and suggests some ways elementary teachers can work with the school librarian to teach this skill.

BYOA: Bring Your Own Advocate!

This article discusses how school librarians can serve as an advocate for the use of social media at school.

A Letter to Elementary Science Teachers

This article discusses how elementary teachers can collaborate with their school librarians to promote literacy and science learning.